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Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, the Institutions of Higher Learning provides guidance and management for the public universities in Mississippi.

The Board oversees degree-credit courses at the eight universities, which include the University of Mississippi Medical Center, ten off-campus centers, and various other locations throughout the state.

Approximately 66,000 students currently are pursuing academic degree credit in this system.

Our goal is to create an academic environment which allows students to receive a quality education, one that will equip them to contribute to the workforce and to be responsible citizens, as well as enhance their overall quality of life.

We strive to make educational opportunities accessible and affordable for all who choose a Mississippi university.

The programs available at our universities range from a wide variety of undergraduate disciplines to most professional fields. All eight universities offer master’s level programs. Six have programs at the education specialist … Read more...

Tips On How To Pay Student Loans Smoothly

Most college students apply for a student loan to finance their education. We all know that paying a debt can sometimes be stressful and being a student with debts to pay can be too much. You have to study and do some extra jobs in order to earn, save and pay for your loan. There are too many expenses to think about. Aside from paying your loan, you are also spending for everyday meals, snacks, books and other school requirements or even paying for the place you are staying.

pay student loans smoothly

Despite of all these expenses, many have survived and became successful in their careers. Paying a loan while studying is not an easy task, one must be positive and determined to finish the race. Here are some tips that can help in how to smoothly repay a student loan:

How to smoothly repay your student loan

If you do not want …